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Django James – 1:20pm

Rising from the vibrant tapestry of the queer indie rock scene, Django James is an artist who embodies the spirit of storytelling with a depth that resonates across the human experience. With influences ranging from the expansive soundscapes of The War on Drugs, the hauntingly ethereal melodies of Mazzy Star, the raw emotional power of Jeff Buckley, to the heartfelt narratives of Bruce Springsteen, Django crafts songs that bridge the intimate with the universal. Born and raised in London England then moving to Los Angeles—a city with a rich musical heritage—Django grew up immersed in a world where music was not just entertainment but a form of profound communication. This early exposure laid the foundation for his eclectic taste and the development of his unique sound. Django’s journey into music began with the guitar, an extension of his voice, allowing him to explore and express the complexities of identity, love, and belonging. As a queer artist, Django brings a perspective that is both introspective and boldly outward-looking. His lyrics navigate the landscapes of personal and collective stories, often touching on themes of acceptance, resilience, and the search for connection in a world that can feel isolating. His debut record, “Good Boy,” is a testament to this journey—a collection of tracks that are as much an exploration of inner landscapes as they are an ode to the influences that have shaped him. “Good Boy” promises to be a mosaic of sound, blending the atmospheric guitar-driven rock of his influences with a poetic lyricism that is all his own. The record speaks to those who have wandered, loved, lost, and hoped, encapsulating moments of clarity in the midst of chaos. Through it, Djqngo aims to create a space where listeners can find parts of themselves, reflected in the echoes of his musical expressions. As he embarks on this new chapter, Django James stands at the precipice of something truly special. With his debut record, he is not just releasing a collection of songs but is inviting listeners on a journey—a journey that promises to be as evocative and transformative as the influences that have guided him to this moment. Django is not only a musician but a storyteller, one whose narratives are poised to leave an indelible mark on the indie rock landscape.